Omnilux revive & Omnilux plus: Treatment Expectations

Omnilux revive & Omnilux plus: Treatment Expectations


Aging is accompanied by a diminishing quantity of collagen in the dermis. The skin loses flexibility and ability to retain moisture - therefore becomes drier and thinner as the body’s natural regeneration processes slow. Cell activation tests show that Omnilux revive and Omnilux plus have specific and unique cell stimulation patterns acting to photobiomodulate cell function and rejuvenate the skin.

Omnilux revive red light is absorbed in the cellular mitochondria and stimulates production leading to increased cellular action potential and enhanced cell vitality. The 633nm light is potently absorbed by fibroblasts, with a subsequent increase in the speed and efficiency of neo-collagen synthesis.

Omnilux plus 830nm light acts synergistically with Omnilux revive light to achieve optimum efficacy in photo rejuvenation. Omnilux plus is strongly absorbed within Fibro-myocyctes promoting alignment and increased tone in the newly produced collagen bundles. The composite effect leaves the skin fuller and tighter in appearance with increased oxygenation and removal of toxins for a more glowing residual appearance.

What to expect

Clinical trials using Omnilux revive in combination with Omnilux plus light therapy show a significant reduction of skin roughness and density of skin furrows at 9 and 12 week follow-up.

  • 83.9% of patients reported softening of wrinkles after the course of 7 light treatments.
  • Improvements continue to be seen when light treatments have ended.
  • More than 70% respond with excellent results
  • No downtime for the patient or pain issues
  • Non-invasive, patient-friendly procedure
  • Reduction in facial wrinkles and skin furrows continuing after the completion of the light therapy course
  • The physiological process of producing collagen and elastin occurs over the course of a 100 day period with the first signs of newly produced collagen and elastin appearing 14-21 days after the initial Omnilux session.
  • Discontinuing follow-up treatments (1-2 per month) will typically result in the gradual loss of results over the course of 10-24 weeks.

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