Pura Skin Brightening

Pura Skin Brightening

Pura Skin Brightening

Skin care shouldn’t stop at the face. The Pura SPA System is a complete, no-nonsense, full-body approach to more luminous skin.

Pura SPA products are formulated to slow down melanin production and induce mild skin peeling to help resurface a fresher and lighter skin layer. It’s a gradual process, and on-going treatments are necessary to see and maintain results.

Benefits of adding skin brightening to your existing spa services…
The global skin brightening market will reach over 10 billion by the end of 2013, and expected to reach 20 billion by 2018. Skin brightening is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. In Asia and Africa skin brighteners are widely used to make skin fairer. In Western countries, consumers want to diminish age spots, reduce excessive pigmentation and achieve an even skin tone. As a consequence, these markets are looking for increasingly efficient skin brighteners. At the same time, these actives must be safe for cosmetic use.

IMPORTANT; We do not use harmful ingredients such as Hydroquinone and Monobenzone, or Kojic Acid.

  • Clinically proven for noticeably more-even skin-tone in just 2 weeks

  • Effective for all ethnicities

  • Multitasking formulations with Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

  • Skin perfecting primer

  • anti-aging

  • deeply-moisturizing

  • age-spot reducer

  • brightening skin-tone corrector

  • improves the look of acne

  • Pura has gathered some of the top cosmetic chemists in the country to create, test and refine this new-generation skin –brightening system.

  • Each formulation is designed to address specific characteristic problems that cause uneven skin-tone, age spots, and skin dullness.

  • When used regularly, the Pura Bright family of products work synergistically to restore healthy, glowing , even skin-tone…for life.

Use the Pura SPA booth for an intense treatment 1-2 times per week.

Use the Pura Bright Premium Brightener daily for continued brightening and increased luminosity.

Real Life Trial
This particular client had acne scarring, as well as a curling iron burn to her skin. Over a 6 week period of using the SB product, you can see her skin tone became more lighter, more vibrant, and the accelerated exfoliation helped rid her of the scarring and burn mark on her skin!

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Skin Brightening FAQ's