UVASUN offers 4 different options for purchasing services:

1. Tan Club Membership

Tan Club members may tan one session per day as often as they wish. Tan Club members may tan in equipment for the level that they purchase, as well as all lower levels. Tanning in a level higher than you are signed up for isn’t a problem – you will simply pay an upgrade fee, and all Tan Club members are entitled to 50% off all upgrade fees. Tan Club memberships cost 20.00 to initiate, and your credit card will be billed at the beginning of each month to continue your Tan Club services. 3 month minimum membership required. Tan Club members enjoy never running out of sessions and the convenience of automatic billing. Tan Club members also enjoy the advantage of tanning at our deepest discounted rate – this is the best way to buy our tanning services at a discount.   

2. Monthly Unlimited

Our Monthly Unlimited packages appeal to clients that want to purchase just one month of unlimited tanning – with no contracts, no commitments, no continued billing. Like Tan Club members, Unlimited Tanning packages allow clients to tan once a day in equipment for the level purchased, as well as all lower levels. No initiation fees, no monthly minimum commitments – all you can tan for 30 days for one low price.

3. SunPoints

SunPoint packages allow you to purchase Uvasun services at a discount – the more SunPoints you buy, the more money you save. SunPoints have no expiration dates, and may be shared. SunPoints may be used on ANY service offered by Uvasun (including our Spa Services). How it works: It’s a bit like going to the carnival and buying a roll of tickets – the more tickets you buy, the cheaper each ticket costs – and you save $$$ when buying in bulk. When spending your tickets at the carnival, the Ferris Wheel may cost 2 tickets to ride , while the Bumper Cars cost 4 tickets …. you may find some rides cost more tickets to use than others. The same concept applies when buying SunPoints and spending them on various Uvasun services.

4. Individually

All Uvasun services may be purchased individually as needed.