Traditional Tanning
My friend turned me onto UVASUN on 3rd St. WOW!!!! If Ferrari made tanning beds than UVASUN carries them. They have different tanning beds that cater to different skin types. I love how comfortable the beds are. You can select your own music while you tan. You can control the fans in the beds and even the intensity of the heat projecting down on your face. Once you experience it, your hooked!!! I tip my hat off to UVASUN! Thanks guys :)
Aaron S.

Sonnenbraune 732K

Sonnenbraune 732K

This is Uvasun's Level 1 tanning choice, consisting of 32/100w tanning tubes. This unit is a perfect choice for those that are just starting their tanning regimen, or fairer-skinned individuals that need to begin the melanin-boost phase of the tanning process. 20 min. maximum tan time.

Sun Sector

Sun Sector small

Uvasun's Level 2 unit, has 35-100w tanning tubes and 3 adjustable facial boosting lamps and delivers a command performance tanning session in 15 minutes or less. Adjustable body cooling fans make your tanning experience comfy!

SunCapsule Stand-Up

SunCapsule small

Another Level 3 contender, the SunCapsule is the most successful stand-up tanning device worldwide. Stand-up tanning offers the user a unique tanning position, free of any pressure points that can cause uneven tanning results.

Dr. Mueller Orbit Flexotic

Dr Mueller Orbit Flexotic small

Uvasun's Level 4 unit, the Orbit is the most popular tanning system worldwide. Known for its comfort and performance, this unit has a powerful 160w lamp system with (4) 1000w facial lamps for a deep, sexy tanning result in 12 minutes or less.

Sun Gate


The Sungate is the leader in UV light design, delivery, and comfort for raw tanning power in it's ultimate form. This unit features a variety of variable setting for customer comfort and is designed to stimulate melanin production and oxidation better than any unit in it's class.

Uvasun 25000

Uvasun 25000

There are only 5 of these exclusive European tanning units in the US - 3 of them are in LA at Uvasun. The tanning experience is relaxing, cool and comfortable, as the tanner lies on a mattress and tans from an overhead light source. Very open feeling & non-confining.

Future Sun HP

Future Sun HP

The most advanced technology the tanning world has to offer can be found in every feature of the Future Sun HP by Advanced UV Light in Germany. This unit features built in Air Conditioning, Adjustable Facial Intensity, air-cooled acrylic system, and much more.